Saturday, October 31, 2009

Canal Walk: Bootle to Maghull 9 miles

It is hard to believe that it is November tomorrow, the sky is blue and the sun is warm. Quite a lot of our summer days werent as nice as this. Altogether a perfect day for a walk on the canal.

We got the train from Liverpool Central to Bootle New Strand and walked to the canal, joining the towpath by the 3 miles milepost.

a complaint about poor education standards maybe.

The towpath is in very good condition here, a compact gravel which looks like flapjack. It must be ideal for cycling. The only problem is the amount of dog poo on it. But despite the poo the towpath is a big improvement on when I was last here.

a missing information plaque

the docks at Litherland seen from the towpath

The canal through Bootle and Litherland passes by a mixture of derelict factories and the relatively new buildings which have replaced them. At Litherland the new Tescos next to the BW depot is nearly finished. It will be a handy stop off for boaters on their way to and from the dock link in Liverpool.

BW Boats at Litherland

Cycling sign in Netherton

The canal at Aintree

We had a good look for milepost number six but I think it is definitely missing. Milepost 7 was there, milepost 8 has been repainted.

Tigger at Maghull

Spikes on Pipes

On the way we met lots of dogs but only one pit bull dressed as a pumpkin! Passing Aintree we left the conurbation of Liverpool behind. The canal leaves Aintree on an embankment, crossing the River Alt on an aqueduct.

A locked lock on a swingbridge

At Maghull we left the canal and walked the short distance to Maghull Station where we got the train to Liverpool.Maghull Station has a park and ride carpark for rail users and the Great Mogul pub is nearby for those thirsty from a towpath trek.

Photos will soon be online here:

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Anonymous said...

i cycle on that stretch from walton to maghull and always remember that tigger toy, it was floating on the canal for months! wonder where it is now!