Saturday, February 26, 2011

Liverpool Beer Festival 2011

Myself and the towpathtreks official beer taster, Kate, had an afternoon out at the Liverpool Beer Festival today. We had queued in the snow last year for the tickets and now we were here in the crypt of the Metropolitan Cathedral to drink some beers.
To give this day out some sort of canal theme I decided to drink my way along the canal. But before that I had to show my solidarity with fellow sandgrounders and have a Southport Cyclone from the Southport Brewery. That done it was back to the canal and in no particular order I had Southern Cross by Allgates of Wigan, Ringtail Bitter from Burscough, and a Cascade Pale from Saltaire. Also in the canal theme was the Navvy from Phoenix of Heywood.
I had a Carosel from the Southport Brewery, and ended with a Wreckage from the Titanic Brewery, Stoke on Trent.