Saturday, June 02, 2007

Canal Walk Scarisbrick

Just a short walk today. The sun was hot and the sky blue in complete contrast to last weekends Bank Holiday rain. I parked at the small car park on the Halsall side of the canal by the Saracens Head pub. I went under the bridge and headed in the Liverpool direction. The hedgerow is now in full growth so there is no chance of finding hidden mileposts.
The usual peace and isolation of the Halsall cutting was spoilt by the noise of a farmers engine pumping water from the canal for irragation. towards the end of the cutting I spotted the Pride of Sefton heading out for a day in the sun.
A small group of boaters from Braunston were moored near the Ship Inn no doubt waiting for the Coal and Cotton rally in Liverpool next weekend. They had set up camp across the towpath with windbreaks, chairs, dogs and even home-made flag poles warning of a cat...
The Ship Inn was busy and didnt smell of shit for a change.
Besides Haskayne bridge I saw the NB Laura Knight which used to belong to my family, it is in beter condition now than last time I saw it.
The swallows were drinking from the canal and the coots and moorhens busy with their families as I reached Down Holland Hall where I turned around to head back. I saw 2 narrowboats, one cabin cruiser and the Pride of Sefton on the move today.