Saturday, October 31, 2009

Bits and Pieces

After this mornings walk, this afternoons drive was a bit easier. We went to Parbold first to get a photograph of the newly refurbished Windmill pub, I didnt have time to go inside, but will be back.

Next we headed to the former Walton Summit Branch to take a photo of the bridge next to the Duke of York pub. There is a photo of this bridge with the pub in the background, and a boat on the canal.

The canal is now grass, the pub was open but still has an advert for its lease. Again I resisted going inside, and headed off to another pub, the Lord Nelson. The pub has a canal mile post by the front door from the Walton Summit Branch, showing just one mile from the terminus.

I had planned to stop off at the boatyard in Tarleton but the sun was going down so we headed home.

If you have been to the Windmill at Parbold, let us know what you think of it here:

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