Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Canal Walk: Tavistock Canal

Today looked like it had the potential to either be very nice and sunny or go back to rain and cloud. Luckily by the time we arrived at Tavistock it had decided to be a hot sunny day. The canal in the Meadows was full of ducks being fed bread. Although yesterday it had rained all day the towpath wasnt too bad. The water level in the canal was down, but that exposes the sides of the channel and gives you a chance to see how it was constructed.
It didnt take long to get to the lock and then the junction with the former Mill Hill line. Today we climbed the gate and followed the canal to the left towards the tunnel. Unfortunately the tunnel is in a cutting and was hidden by trees and bushes. I decided not to cross the bridge and go down to the waters edge. It was getting a bit hot and I have seen photos of the tunnel before. Besides I didnt want to explain to the person whose driveway I would have had to walk up what I was doing.
So it was back to the canal and back to Tavistock for a wander about and some lunch and an ice cream.

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