Friday, August 07, 2009

Canal Cruise: Farmers Arms to Spencer's Swing Bridge

Today we met the Albatross at the Saracens Head. There is a new sign by the Nudey Navvy which tells you all about building a canal. At long last Halsall is getting its recognition as the starting place of the Leeds & Liverpool Canal.

The new sign at Halsall

While we drove back to Southport Albatross carried on to the Farmers Arms. There were some electricians working on the bridge, there had been problems with the key. We met up again at the pub but didnt stay long. We carried on through the swing bridge by the Slipway. Again Albatross carried on while I moved the car. We met once again at the Blood Tub.

At the Farmers Arms

Albatross approaching the Rufford Branch

Albatross passing by the Rufford branch.

A huge fish from the Ship (Blood Tub)

Bridge control panel

We left Albatross after Spencers bridge, they continued on their cruise and we walked back to the car. Our own holiday is about to start, the Tavistock and Bude canals await.

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