Thursday, August 08, 2013

Canal Walk: Appley Bridge to Burscough 6 miles

Today I was dog sitting. But Troy doesn't like being sat on so we went for a walk instead. We took the train from Burscough to Appley Bridge, it cost £3.10 to go 3 stops down the line but Troy travelled for free and only left a few dog hairs on the seat.  Off the train in Appley Bridge and we walked down the hill to the canal. Troy claimed most of the gate posts and a recycling box (sorry!) as his property. 
Troy 29.5 miles from Liverpool
On the towpath and it was getting warm as we set off towards Burscough.
The towpath was quite busy with walkers, dogs and cyclists but hardly crowded. It was nice to be somewhere so quiet, no traffic and no seagulls. The only interruption to the quiet was the occasional passing train. The two shallow locks at Appley Locks are looking worse every time I see them, which is a shame. 
Troy heads towards Gillibrand Bridge
In Parbold Troy noticed a World War Two post hole. The WW2 concrete is quite lumpy, with more stones than cement. Set vertically in the concrete is a pipe, probably a sewage pipe or similar. A post would have been dropped into this to block off the towpath at night. The posts would have had barbed wire attached. Next to the post holes is a concrete cube.
WW2 HomeGuard Roadblock Post Hole
We passed a lot of purple plants, Rosebay Willowherb, Marsh Woundwort, Common Vetch, Himalayan balsam and Troy weed on many of them. We were soon through Parbold and we stopped for a drink of water by the concrete pill box that guards the bend. 
Pill Box by the Canal
Approaching Spencers Swing Bridge we heard the sound of Happy Birthday being played on a brass instrument wafting down the canal. We walked past the chap sat next to a boat playing his whateveritwas.  There should be more brass music on the towpath. 
There were some blue damsel flies and a large dragonfly flying about the water. A mystery animal jumped into the canal as we passed it. 
At the 25 miles milepost we overtook a scouser trying to buy drugs from his friend on the phone. 
In Burscough there was a strange floating shed/piano/cupboard. Not something I have ever seen before. 



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