Monday, August 20, 2012

Kennet Leaving Liverpool

Thursday 16th August the Kennet left Liverpool after spending time in Salthouse Dock. Having nothing better to do I went down to take some photos. Kennet was due through the locks at 9am but I was late so only caught up with them as they were leaving the lock into Princes Dock. The weather wasn't great, not quite raining but threatening to. 

Kennet in Princes Dock

Kennet in Princes Dock
With Kennet on its way to Stanley Dock I went ahead by bike to get photos from the Bascule Bridge. As i was waiting the rain started but it wasnt cold and it was still better than being in work. Kennet came and passed underneath the bridge and into Stanley Dock, then under the road to the locks. I followed on my bike.

Kennet in Salisbury Dock

Kennet at the bottom lock.

Kennet leaving the bottom lock


Kennet under the railway

Kennet in the sunshine

Kennet at the top lock

Kennet leaving the locks
I followed the Kennet up the locks to the main line of the Leeds and Liverpool Canal. As it passed under the railway line the sun came out. The Kennet was heading off to Burscough and I headed back home.


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