Saturday, June 23, 2012

Burscough Wharf Canal Heritage Week 2012

Today I went to Burscough to see the newly refurbished Kennet having its re-dedication. The weather was not too bad considering the week we have had. As I parked up I could hear music wafting along the canal. 
I haven't been to Burscough for a while, Southport FC haven't been in the same league as Burscough FC for a few seasons now. While the football club has gone downhill the rest of the town seems to be doing okay. The Waterfront pub is now the Packet House, going back to almost its original name. Hopefully the pub will have a better reputation than it used to have. 

Canal Horse

I was a bit early so I walked along the towpath to the Rufford Branch. The towpath is pretty bad on this stretch and the recent wet weather. It would be a good stretch for BW or the council to improve. It is a popular stretch and links Burscough to the Ship Inn at Lathom. As I got the junction bridge I met a group of cyclists. They were heading from Wigan to Southport. It is always nice to see cyclists using the canal and this group was certainly a diverse one; it included a nurse, Captain America, Wally (from Where's Wally) and Santa Claus. 
While I was at the junction I tried a 360 degree panoramic photograph. Here is the result:
On the way back to the wharf the cyclists passed me, Santa bringing up the rear and not looking enthusiastic.

Back at the Wharf the Mayor of West Lancashire was just starting his speech. There was a good crowd on the towpath by the wharf. Unfortunately another larger group of cyclists came along and had to detour around us.  The rededication of the Kennet involved breaking a bottle of beer on its bow. The sight of this  brought a tear to the eye of many a bearded man on the towpath. The mayor got a round of applause rather than an ASBO for this act of vandalism.

Rededication of the Kennet
With the ceremony done the Wigan Ukulele Club started up again, no Stairway to Heaven but they did do some classic tunes.
Wigan Ukulele Club

Its good to see the Kennet looking so smart and getting some attention. The Leeds & Liverpool Canal Society and the Friends of Kennet both do a great deal of good work promoting the canal and educating people about our heritage. 

Burscough Wharf
On the way back I stopped off and took a new photo of the former Scarisbrick Arms, now called the Gastro bar and grill. Updating the pub guide on my site I noticed that it had been hacked by Israeli porn sites. Luckily not many people look at those pages so I doubt anyone noticed the 800 comments about a pub in Netherton that had more to do with anatomical improvement than canal side drinking.

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