Sunday, November 06, 2011

The Ship Inn at Lathom

Today I stopped by the Ship Inn or Blood Tub at Lathom. The pub has been refurbed since my last visit and has had some good reviews of late.
We came here because the Windmill was too busy and had no tables free. But I think fate did us a favour. The Ship was also busy but it's a bigger pub and we found a table. There were six ales on, I had a pint of Tribute, the others were Black Sheep, Nutty Slack, Pendle Witch, a Thwaites and a Ship one whose name escapes me right now.
We were hungry so we got menus and and chose a cheddar baguette and a fish finger barm. We sat next to the real fire which is always nice.
The food came, they brought a very nice looking steak baguette that was supposed to be a cheese one. It looked much nicer than the fish finger one I had to settle for. Soon the right food arrived. The chips were huge and I was forced to leave a few although it broke my heart to see good food go to waste.
Sat in the room by the bar it was a little noisy especially with a baby that seemed to be possessed by the Devil.
Overall it was very nice. There were few negatives, the empty glasses and crisp packets that were on our table when we arrived stayed with us for the meal and the mix up with the order can happen anywhere.
Definitely worth another visit, the real fire make drinking real ale in winter a very pleasant experience.

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