Monday, July 04, 2011

Biologic Iphone Mount

I like my phone, I like it so much on the rare occasions that I am actually using it as a telephone I often look around for my phone to play with while I am talking. I dont like being away from my phone. I worry about it and find life is not comprehensible without it passing through the prism of my phone.  While cycling I miss my phone, its hard to hold a £500 phone and use it while you ride a bike one or none handed. So I spent the last of towpathtreks' budget on a iphone mount so I can use my phone while I cycle. 

Iphones aren't cheap so I was not going to get a cheap phone mount to attach it to my bike. I didnt want it dropping off or just being plain useless. Looking around I found an American company BioLogic, who had a snazzy website and a youtube video showing off their new product. Just what I wanted. 
After looking around I found a company in the UK that sold them and made the decision to wipe out towpathtreks bank balance by spending £50 on one. 

 £50 on a piece of plastic sounds like a lot of money but if it was as good as they said then it would be exactly what I want. The case holds the phone nice and securely. It has a double latch down the side so your phone doesnt drop out of the holder. The clip holding it to the handle bars seems secure enough so far. With the phone in the case you can use the touch screen with no problems. You can even plug in headphones etc or power the phone from a dynamo on your bike if you have one. The phone can be rotated so can be used landscape or portrait. 

I ride my bike for two reasons, one to get me where I am going faster than walking, and two to carry things I dont want to carry myself. I therefore have a lot of things attached to my bike. It was a bit of a struggle finding room for the mount but I got it on there. Although I wouldn't really need it I tried it out on the 22 mile ride I did at the weekend, from Crooke to Leigh. I really want the phone holder so I can look at the maps and GPS on it while riding in urban areas. Next to a canal I pretty much know where I am. 
Saturday was a rare sunny day (as my bright red arms will testify). This meant the sun was shining on the screen quite a lot and I had to shade it with my hand to see the screen. But this is the UK so I doubt that will be a common problem. Other than that the mount worked fine. My phone didnt fall off. I went down steps and across bumpy ground with no problems. And I was able to tweet and text without getting my phone out of my pocket all the time. 
My phone did almost let me down, its battery was on the way out after 2 hours of GPS and map display. 

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