Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Daniel Adamson

Today I visited the steam tug-tender Daniel Adamson. 

From the website of the Daniel Adamson Preservation Society:

The DANIEL ADAMSON was constructed as the “Ralph Brocklebank” for the Shropshire Union Canal and Railway Company in 1903 by the Tranmere Bay Development Company. She was one of three new tug-tenders built in the first decade of the 20th Century to operate the S.U.C. & R. Co. barge towing service between Ellesmere Port and Liverpool . The passenger carrying capability of the tug-tenders facilitated the provision of a scheduled cross-river passenger service something which the Shropshire Union company had provided on previous vessels since the 1880s.
In 1936 further modifications were made to the “Ralph Brocklebank” with the bridge being raised to its present level. The passenger accommodation was also upgraded, with the interior being furnished in wood laminates and light fittings in the then contemporary art-deco style.
Following the 1936 refit the vessel was renamed “DANIEL ADAMSON” in honour of the Manchester Ship Canal Company’s first chairman. 
 Following decades of neglect and vandalism the boat is now at Sandon Dock in Liverpool where it is being restored. 
The boat is covered in tarpaulins so there wasnt much point taking photos. We were shown around the engine room and saloons. There is clearly a long way to go with the restoration but it will certainly be worth the time and effort when it is completed. 

For more details have a look at the website:

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