Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Windmill Hotel Parbold

Today we went to the Windmill Hotel in Parbold for lunch. Sadly I was without the official beer taster so no beer reviews today. But I can say that the food was very good and reasonably priced too. My gammon was lovely, but the burgers looked pretty good too. Its just a shame we had to eat it in the back yard (our fault for bringing a spaniel with us). From what I saw of the inside it is lovely and I hope to go back soon and try some of the beers they had on tap. 

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Unknown said...

We were completing a 20 mile charity bike ride in aid of breakthrough breast cancer from Southport to Wigan. Along the route, we stopped at a number of pubs and restaurants and were greeted with smiles and in most cases a donation to our worthy cause - we didn't even need to ask at a couple of the places including the Ring O Bells at Burscough. As we arrived in Parbold it was reaching lunch time so thought we'd pop into the windmill for a quick drink (outside) and maybe a bowl of chips / sandwich... apparantly this was not to be. The waitress was lovely and accomodated us - we didnt mind being split up, or sitting outside and had we been told they couldnt fit us in we would have gladly gone elsewhere. I approached the bar and could not believe the reception I got - I ordered 3 lemonades and asked what the process was to order food. The landlord, said "you've really messed us up today, 14 of you turning up like this" I replied (joking) "don't you want the business then!?" and he replied "dont need it, we do over 130 per day - can do without this"... at that point I said forget it and left to go to the stocks tavern where the service was quick, efficient and really friendly - the barman even gave us some money for our charity when he asked what we were doing. Later, discussing with a friend, I found that when we told the landlord we were working on raising £120k for Breakthrough he said "I'll give you £50 not to bother coming in". (We should have taken himup on this). Its really really disappointing as the Windmill is such a lovely pub but i would suggest anyone wishing to dine should check this landlord is off duty first. From talking to friends its not the first time hes been rude like this and there is a distinct 'old school' arrogance about the place when he's in charge. Sorry windmill, very very dissapointed and could have been handled much better.