Saturday, June 21, 2008

Canal Walk Leeds

Monday 16th June

After waking up far too early and then dozing for too long afterwards we went to the Riveresque Cafe by Leeds Bridge for breakfast. We had the small breakfast which was 2 eggs, 2 bacon, 2 sausage, 2 toast and beans, for £3.95 a bargin compared tot he large breakfast for £5.95 which just had mushrooms and tomatoes.
After breakfast we checked out of the hotel and left our luggage at reception. Apart from trying to charge me twice for the first night the hotel was very good. I would recommend the Jurys Inn to anyone going to Leeds for the canal or for the Royal Armouries. Just bring sandwiches...The hotel is at Brewery Wharf justa couple of minutes from the Arouries or the city centre. I could even see the lock keepers tower from our room.

We had until 5:10pm in Leeds so we went to the Royal Armouries. The museum naturally has an impressive range of weapons but also covers hunting, falconry and the fight against knife and gun crime. the most impressive display are the swords, bayonettes and guns in the stairwell.
The Armouries saw us through till 12:00. I had a quick walk up to the Aire and Calder and looked around the corner to see what it looked like heading out of the city. A future walk I think.
For lunch we went up tot he Headrow and had a partially cooked burger in a pub. I did have some Saltaire Blonde beer though.
After a bit of shopping we got our luggage and had one last look at the River Lock and the end of the Leeds & Liverpool Canal.

Leeds was disappointing for food but there are some nice pubs for drinkers. It has some great shopping malls but the Victorian arcades are the best feature. Leeds, like Liverpool is developing its waterfront. Leeds is luckier in that its canal meets the River Aire and so was not filled in. Leeds has a nice waterfront area with luxury apartments and hotels being built while Liverpool has a car park where the canal basin once was.

I enjoyed my weekend in Leeds and it was good to finish the canal and see the end of the line.

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