Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Canal Walk Lathom Locks

After stopping at Appley Bridge for a sandwich in the car we moved on to Cedar Farm. I bought the Cicerone Guide to walking the Lancaster Canal and a small guidebook to the Pendal Way. After saying hello to the little goats we set off again to Parbold for a newspaper. There was no where to park at Parbold so we carried on to park at the Ship Inn at Lathom besides the Top Locks of the Rufford Branch.
Evidence suggests that the Ship Inn Lathom like the Ship Inn Haskayne is now a Cains pub. We went for a short walk about a mile down the Rufford Branch. The highlight of which were the exploding seed pods we found. They were tightly coiled and only needed a light prod to get them to spring open firing their seeds out.
Back at the top lock I had a look at the boatmens cottages, dated 1792.

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