Monday, July 09, 2007

Canal Walks: a British Summer

This weekend was typical of the British summer. On Saturday it was cloudy but by the time I had parked at the new car park by Albert Dock, Liverpool, the sun was shining and I was over dressed. I walked up to the pier head and the building site of the dock link. The car show room was mid-demolition and the whole area looked like it must have done during the Blitz. I managed to take one photo before being accosted by a peg toothed local who either saw himself as an expert on canals or as Batman's nemesis the Riddler. His main point seemed to be that the canal was not a canal because it went underground. Any mention of Foulridge Tunnel was met with a blank look. After what seemed like Ages of circular arguments I shook him off and took some more photos. I walked up to Princes Dock and back. On my return the local yokel was having the same conversation with two other hapless tourists. Bravely I managed to stand next to them while taking a picture of the South Basin area.
the work seems to be progressing well. The idea seems to be to do the culverts first and then link them up with the open channels.

On the Sunday (which was predicted to be better weather) it was again cloudy. Hoping for an improvement during the day we planned a short walk in West Lancashire. Had the weather been better we would have gone up to Skipton but its a long drive just to sit in a car and eat sandwiches looking at the rain.

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