Sunday, January 14, 2007

Canal Walk: Farmers Arms to Burscough

After months of grey skies and rain it was nice to wake up to blue skies and sunshine. So it was off to the canal to find the Ribble (the boat not the river) and take some photographs. We parked at the Farmers Arms and headed off to the woodyard where the Ribble is usually moored. My companion for the trek, Halle, set off at pace and we soon got to the Ribble. While Halle investigated a interesting piece of carved sandstone I took photos of the barge.

After taking the pictures we turned around and headed towards Burscough bridge passing the milepost opposite the Farmers Arms which is only visible this tme of year. There were plenty of people out walking on the towpath enjoying the nice weather and for a change there were two boats on the move, Roma and Jules 2. A nice but short walk.

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