Saturday, May 06, 2006

Canal Books

In the last week I have bought so many books about canals I have lost track of how many and which ones I have ordered. There dont seem to be any new books which cover the Leeds Liverpool and the most recent ones do not cover the whole 127.25 miles of it. This is the reason for my website guide to the L-L canal. Anyway here are the ones I have got so far:

Towpaths of England by Brian Bearshaw 1985
I only got this one today and have just reading the start and end of the chapter on the L-L and it was depressing! Not only was the Liverpool end in a terrible state when the author visited the canal but he describes seeing a drowning dog and he ends his chapter with the sounds of the dog still barking, he didnt even get it out of the canal! Thatchers Britain was an evil place! He does speak highly of the Leeds end but as usual the from Burscough onwards is covered very briefly.

Canal Walks Vol.1:North Dennis Needham 1994
A very descriptive little book with maps and transport details you need for walking on our canals. Although now 12 years old it is probably the newest book I have other than my Nicholsons Guide. I will hopefully get to do some of the walks fromt his book this summer.

SlowBoat Through Pennine Waters frederic Doerflinger 1971
Said to be a classic book about northern canals. the authors boat breaks down at Johnsons Hillock, and it doesnt look like he made it to Liverpool.

Discovering Canals in Britain Peter L.Smith 1981
A small guide to canals, their history, architecture, engineering and places to visit. nearest thing to an I-Spy Guide I could find!

Landscape with Canals L.T.Rolt 1977
A memoir of the authors time living on the canal in his barge Cressy between 1939 and 1950. this one came from our stores so I got it for free. Hard to believe what a poor state the canals were in in the 1940s.

Walking Britain's Rivers and Canals 1997
A big glossy book of walks, unfortunately it doesnt include the Leeds Liverpool canal at all! A bit big for taking out with you, its not exactly pocket sized but a nice book all the same.

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