Friday, April 28, 2006

Canal Walk: Gathurst and Crooke

I had a hangover and some fresh air and sunshine by the canal was the solution. I was going to park at Appley Bridge (#42) and walk up to Crooke but arriving at Appley bridge I found the towpath was closed between Appley Bridge and Ranicars swing bridge(#44). Instead I parked at the Navigation by Gathurst bridge (#46) and walked from there to Crooke bridge (#47). On the way I looked for the 32 mile milestone by the River Douglas but had no luck. There were quite a few people out enjoying the sunshine. I walked up to Crooke and had a look for the 32 miles milepost but if it is there it is hiding very successfully. I turned around and went back to the Navigation and then under Gathurst bridge and down to Dean locks. No sign of the half mile post that is shown on the 2005 OS map but there was a cat sat on the reeds watching ducks. I walked past the dual locks and the former junction with the River Douglas.
Armed with my OS map I managed to find the 31miles milepost, one I have looked for on a few occasions. It was hidden by brambles and not easy to photo. In the trees on the bankside I could here a woodpecker pecking wood. It was just a short walk, only 4 miles, but it did the trick with the hangover.

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